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LCN has been registered as a non-profit making business name in Singapore. When activities are gradually expanded we will consider setting up a secretariat office in Singapore, Bangkok or Colombo and register it as a regional NGO. A Trust Fund may also be set up to fund media related projects. Local chapters will also be established to coordinate activities.

Wherever needed LCN will develop and implement capacity building programs to improve media skills among Asian Buddhist media practitioners to facilitate information, news and cultural exchanges. LCN will also form alliances among Buddhist media practitioners to counter negative propaganda on Buddhists and Buddhist communities in Asia.

The network will be mainly involved in disseminating cultural and educational products based on Buddhist principles, and developing media contents production schemes based on Buddhist teachings such as developing a training scheme for news journalists to cover events from a Buddhist perspective.

The function of LCN will be purely activity based aimed at building media production, networking and management capacity among Buddhists in Asia and promoting greater exchanges of news, information and cultural products between and among Buddhists across Asia. We are not an evangelical organisation purely spreading the Dhamma. Our aim is to develop cultural links across Buddhist Asia, to better understand and share each other’s cultures, promote socially engaged Buddhist practices and to counter hostile propaganda against Buddhists.

Setting up of this website was sponsored by SJ Mets Consultants PTY Ltd of Perth, Australia in memory of J.H.A. Gunadasa & S.T. Jayasinghe, beloved fathers of Sunil and Aruni.
May they attain Nibbana