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Proposed Activities

We plan to implement the following projects:

“Through Asian Eyes”- Building capacity for the production and exchange of television documentaries on Asian Buddhist countries made with a Buddhist perspective by Asians producers and directors.

Community Radio – Community radio is beginning to take root across Asia, but most grassroots Buddhist communities are in a comparative disadvantaged situation as compared to other religious groups in this field. If concerted capacity building is not undertaken within Buddhist communities in Asia, community radio itself could become a threat to survival of Buddhist communities and their cultures, especially in poor rural areas. Thus, it is important that a well structured community radio training (capacity building) program is introduced in Buddhist countries where community radio is taking shape – such as in Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. There is also a need to build capacity within minority Buddhist communities in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal as well.

News Feature Writing and Developing News Features Network - News forms an important element in the way we look at society, people and countries, and news feature writing gives the writer (journalist) an important tool to analyse and present stories / issues in a more broader context. It is important that LCN develop a set of news production guidelines and ethical codes for journalists in Buddhist countries which would have Buddhist ethical principles incorporated to it. Thus in the first phase of the project, LCN will develop such guidelines and incorporate this into a curriculum to teach news and feature writing. A training program will be set up to train Buddhist journalists in news and feature writing.

Buddhist Musical Productions -This project will aim to develop skills and contents where contemporary musical productions such as CD and DVD albums, entertainment shows for television and regional musical festivals will be developed that would encourage productions using traditional forms of musical entertainment but with a contemporary flavor based on Buddhist teachings and principles. The idea behind the project is to inculcate use of music in a modern setting and format to promote Buddhists ideas and social/cultural norms.

Asian Buddhist Media and Communications Conference -LCN plans to hold an annual Asian Buddhist Media and Communication Conference in collaboration with local partners in Buddhist countries. The first conference may be held in Bangkok in collaboration with the World Fellowship of Buddhists in 2014 to bring together Buddhist media practitioners and scholars from Asia. A book may be produced following each conference which will include presentations made by various speakers. It is hoped that this conference will be able to initiate a trend towards Buddhist communication studies and media practices, as well as develop more collaboration between media organisations in Buddhist countries of Asia.

Promoting Asian Buddhist Cultural and Heritage Tourism -LCN will aim to promote tourism in Asian Buddhist countries focused on heritage and cultural tourism. LCN may develop social business models to train and implement cultural tourism oriented projects in Buddhist countries, where poor people living in the vicinity of Buddhist pilgrim and tourist sites will be trained to run businesses that could package and present authentic Asian Buddhist cultural practices such as traditional music, dance, crafts and theatre for the education and enjoyment of tourists. In developing these projects the Buddhist principles of “sufficiency economics” will be adopted. Tours will be specially designed in collaboration with local partners for citizens of Buddhist countries to visit and learn about each other’s cultures, heritage, festivals, lifestyles, etc. LCN will produce special audio visual and web-based material to promote such tourism in the region such as television/video programs, travel, arts and cultural feature stories, etc. Tour guidebooks may also be produced. Workshops may be organized on arts, culture and heritage feature writing and reporting for Buddhist journalists based on the UNESCO Model Journalism Curriculum for Emerging Countries.

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May they attain Nibbana