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Cultural Exchanges between Thailand and Sri Lanka

By Dr. Hema Goonatilake

Sukothai1The growth and development of Buddhism in the Southeast Asia region was the result of a dynamic process with South Asia. Sri Lanka due to its strategic position in the Indian Ocean was a centre of trade and maritime activity at least from the 6th century A. C. (McCrindle, 1897, p. 371). The kingdoms in the region were partners in an international cultural exchange, in the context of the constant intellectual and cultural traffic within South and South East Asia. 


The Role of Sri Lanka in the Growth of Buddhism in India in the New Millennium

By Dr Ananda W. P. Guruge 

GurugeMay I begin by expressing my grateful thanks to the Indo-Sri Lanka Buddhist Network, SUCCESS Sri Lanka, German Dharmaduta Society, Buddhist Cultural Centre, Nedimala, International Buddhist Centre, Wellawatte, and in particular Venerable Kirama Wimalajoti Thero and Mr Senaka Weeraratna for the privilege accorded to me to speak to you on the role of Sri Lanka in the growth of Buddhism in India in the new millennium.

Sri Lanka Myanmar Historical Relations

By Dr. Hema Goonatilake


One of the earliest references to Buddhism in Myanmar is in the Dipavamsa and the Mahavamsa where mention is made of the two missionaries, Sona and Uttara sent by Emperor Asoka to Suvannabhumi at the same time Arahat Mahinda came to Sri Lanka. Suvannabhumi has been identified as Lower Burma. According to both Sinhalese and Burmese historical records, however, direct religious and cultural relations between Sri Lanka and Myanmar began in the 11th century. 

Impact of Mayahana on Sri Lanka

                                          By Janaka Perera

When examining the influence of Mahayana Buddhism in Sri Lanka it would be appropriate to approach the topic from a human interest angle before moving into history, archaeology and the academic sphere. A glance at the role of Mahayana in contemporary Sri Lankan society, I believe, will be a guide to the impact of this school of Buddhism here. 

Sri Lanka-Cambodia Relations with Special Reference to the Period 14th - 20th Centuries

By Dr. Hema Goonatilake

The emergence of Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia is conventionally traced back to the 13th century A.C. However, there is emerging epigraphical and sculptural evidence, that Buddhism of both the Mahavihara and Abhayagiri of Sri Lanka had made a strong early impact on the development of Theravada Buddhism in South East Asia when a good part of this region was dominated from about the 5th-6th century A.C. by the Mon Khmer culture, and later became part of the Khmer empire.

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