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Launch of ‘Lotus Talks’ - A Buddhist Initiative To Apply Buddha Dhamma To Improve Modern Society


Lotus Communication Network in association with Singapore Buddhist Library and Sri Bodhiraja Society are pleased to announce the launch of a new project “LOTUS TALKS”.

The first “Lotus Talks” is a panel discussion on the theme of Socially Engaged Buddhism for the 21st Century  

Date and Time: Sunday 15 May from 2.00 – 5.00 pm

Venue:  Singapore Buddhist Library Auditorium, 2 Lorong 24A, Geylan


1)   Dr Kalinga Seneviratne, Founder of Lotus Communication Network

                        Topic: Mindful Communication for Sustainable Development – A Buddhist Approach to Development Communication

2)   Mr Ng Xin Zhao, Project Executive (Renewables & Environment), Kong Meng San Phor Kark Monastery

            Topic: Become Vegetarian to Save the Earth - A Buddhist Approach to Reducing Green House Gas Emissions

3)   Mr Jayasri Piyalal, Director, Finance Section, UNI Global Asia-Pacific          Topic: “Showing Compassion to Precarious Workers – Buddhist Principles towards Decent Jobs and Inclusive Growth?

Lotus Communication Network (LCN) is an initiative of  Dr Kalinga Seneviratne, a journalist, mass communications lecturer and trainer, to network among Asian Buddhist media and communication scholars, in order to encourage using communication tools and networking to promote Engaged Buddhism in Asia.

‘Lotus Talks” is a project where LCN hopes to organize regular talks and seminars with like-minded Buddhist organisations and institutions across Asia to encourage discussion of the Buddha’s teachings from a practical action oriented perspective to promote better understanding of the Dhamma in applying to contemporary social, economic, political and cultural issues and situation. This project is modeled on the “Ted Talks” venture that has been successful around the world in providing resource material for education and social action using the internet as a vehicle. Thus all ‘Lotus Talks’ will be filmed and 12-15 minutes segments of these posted on the LCN website’s ‘Lotus Academy’ segment (see www.lotuscomm.org) for wider circulation and use in classrooms, workshops and discussions. It will be posted via You Tube.

“At a time when Buddhist ideas and wisdom such as “mindfulness” and meditation are becoming fashionable in the West, Buddhist youth of Asia are distancing themselves from these age-old Asian wisdom and traditions, preferring to call themselves ‘free-thinkers’ when Buddhism itself encourages free thinking as reflected in the Buddha’s famous sermon the Kalama Sutra” notes Dr Seneviratne. “Unfortunately in the past few centuries Asian Buddhism has become too ritualistic and immersed in many superstitions that modern Buddhists in Asia have lost the essence of the Buddha’s teachings and unable to pass onto their children a good understanding of Buddhist wisdom which is very much suited to address 21st century social, economic and political issues”.

At a time of immense economic anxieties this is an opportune time to discuss about the application of the Buddha’s teachings to modern economic, political and development models.

The first ‘Lotus Talk” will focus on this topic. Future “Lotus Talks” which may be organized at two-monthly intervals will address issues such as ‘Sufficiency Economics’, Animal Welfare, Nalanda Mahavihara education model for 21st century, disaster relied and ethics of helping others, etc.

These talks will be offered free of charge keeping to the Buddhist tradition of offering Buddha’s wisdom without any monetary price attached to it. However, LCN is establishing a fund to help fund this project and other information project such as the Lotus News Features, which is a collaboration with the Berlin-based International Press Syndicate (INPS) and Malaysia based Buddhist Channel.

Generous contributions are welcomed to help expand these initiatives. Please contact Dr Kalinga Seneviratne on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Setting up of this website was sponsored by SJ Mets Consultants PTY Ltd of Perth, Australia in memory of J.H.A. Gunadasa & S.T. Jayasinghe, beloved fathers of Sunil and Aruni.
May they attain Nibbana