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How Buddhist Cultural Memes Were Appropriated By Christianity

BodhgayaMonkBy Professor Subhash Kak* 

What is the exact relationship between the New Testament and ancient Indian texts on Buddhism? How much of the early gospels were inspired by the Buddhist texts?


Buddhism in the ‘Asian Century’: A New Era of Scientific Humanism’

By Prof Laksiri Jayasuriya


The continued growth of interest in the study and practice of Buddhism throughout the Western world, examined by scholars such as Toms (1998), Coleman (2000) and others, is a fascinating phenomenon which warrants scrutiny. Rather than trying to account for this expansion of Buddhism worldwide, this essay is focussed on considering the contemporary relevance and significance of the Buddhist intellectual discourse for a new world ethos, in what has been termed the ‘Asian Century’.[1] 

Lotus Talks: Buddhist Approach to Development Communication

KalingaDr Kalinga Seneviratne, Founder of Lotus Communication Network talks at the launch of the 'Lotus Talks' project in May 2016 in Singapore on the topic of mindful communications and Buddhist perspectives in developing a new paradigm for Development Communications

link to video

Need A Powerful Alternative Driven By Philosophy

GurumurthyDr S Gurumurthy, Vice Chairman, Vivekananda International Foundation argues that to counter the conflict-driven media culture today, we need a powerful alternative that is driven by Indic-Buddhist civilizational philosophy. This is an edited version of a keynote address he delivered at the first Asian Buddhist Media Conclave in Delhi in August 2018 organised by the International Buddhist Confederation in association with VIF.
Link to Lotus Talks clip

Lotus Talks: Showing Compassion to Precarious Workers – Buddhist Perspective

PiyalalJayasri Piyalal, Director, Finance Section, UNI Global Asia-Pacific argues that the practice of Buddhist compassion and wisdom would help to create a better world of decent work and decent rewards. He is talking here at the launch of 'Lotus Talks' in Singapore on 15 May 2015.

Link to video

Venerable Piyasilo: Mindful Journalism - A Buddhist Approach

PiyasiloVenerable Phuwadol Piyasilo Bhikku of the Yen Boon Forest Monastery from Thailand is a mass communication graduate from Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University and has worked as a journalist for awhile. He is now a Forest Buddhist Monk in the north of Thailand. In a keynote address to a seminar on 'Mindful Communication for ASEAN Integration' at Chulalongkorn University in December 2015, he reflects upon Buddhist mindfulness philosophy and the craft of journalism. 

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Lotus Talks: Become A Vegetarian and Save the World

NgYoung Buddhist Environmental and Animal Rights advocate Ng Xin Zhao from Singapore argues passionately to adopt vegetarian eating practices to help save the world from increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Link to Talk

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