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The Pinnacle of Sinhalese Buddhism

peraheraCDThis film depicts much of the traditions which take place daily at the temple based on the rich drumming and musical traditions of the hill country Sinhalese. A major focus of this documentary is on the Kandy Esala Perahera that takes place each year on the Esala full moon day in August. This festival with a history of over 300 years, is considered one of the most colourful religious pageants in the world.

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Path of the Dhamma

PathDhammaThis documentary, filmed in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Singapore, explores the spread of Buddhism from South Asia to Southeast Asia – which was historically known as Swarnabhoomi – with contemporary Buddhist practices and festivals as the backdrop.

It also explores how the ‘Tripitaka’ written at Aluvihare in Sri Lanka was instrumental in spreading of the Dhamma across Southeast Asia.

The documentary, directed by Dr Kalinga Seneviratne and narrated by Tharuka Prematileka, was telecast by MTV 1 channel in Sri Lanka and TVK Cambodia. 

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GOD and the $ollars

This video was shot in Sri Lanka in August 2004 at a time of heightened concern among Buddhists about Christian evangelical activities in the country, with a government in power at the time that was seen as favourable to the Christian minority.

Sri Lanka: From Temple To The Village

A Buddhist monk's vision of rural development: Venerable OmalpeSobitha a Buddhist monk from the poor rural township of Embilipitiya in southern Sri Lanka set up the Bodhiraja Foundation in the 1990s to help his local community in development work. He believes that a temple should not only take from the community but also help the local community - especially in impoverished rural areas - in both their spiritual and economic development. This documentary looks at how he set about achieving this goal.

In The Buddha’s Footsteps

A leisurely stroll across Northern India visiting places associated with the life of the Buddha. Directed and Presented by Rajiv Mehrotra. Produced in 1996 for the Indian Tourist Board.  

Thailand: Consumerism or Sufficiency Ecnomics?

This documentary explores how Thai Buddhists are trying to apply Buddhist principles to modern economics and development models.

Singapore : Dhamma Amidst Modernity

Singapore is one of Asia's most modern societies, yet, under the surface, it is very traditional and Asian. Today, Singapore's youth are rediscovering their cultural and religious roots, and many are flocking back to Buddhism. This programme explores why and how there is a revival of Buddhism in this predominantly ethnic Chinese society and how Buddhists are putting into practice the Buddha's teachings on compassion.

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