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Katina - Marking the End of the Rains Retreat

Katina SLThis video filmed in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Singapore features the Katina ceremony. This is the time when new robes are given to Buddhist monks by devotees at the end of the traditional rains retreat. Katina ceremonies are held across Asia in late October and early November each year.

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Laos: Pha That Luang Festival

ThatLuanThat Luang Stupa is very sacred to the Lao people. It is believed that a breast bone of the Buddha is enshrined here. It was built over an ancient stupa in the 16th century, by King Setthathirath when he moved the capital of the Lane Xang Kingdom from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. It has since become the symbol of Laos and is revered by all Lao people. Every year around the full moon day of November a 3-day festival takes place here to pay homage to the stupa and the Buddha.

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Sri Lanka: Kandy Esala Perahera

In the central Sri Lankan city of Kandy a colourful procession of drummers, dancers, elephants and custodians of the temples takes place every year on the full moon day in the month of Esala. This documentary shows the colour and traditions of the festival held in homage to the tooth relic of the Buddha enshrined in the 'Sri DaladaMaligawa' in Kandy.

Sri Lanka: Celebrating Buddha's Birthday

VesakLanternIn May Buddhists around the world celebrate the triple anniversary of Gautama Buddha's birth, enligthenment and the passing away on the full moon day of the fifth lunar month. It is called Vesak or Vaisakha. This is the major religious festival in Sri Lanka and it is celebrated on a grand scale over 3 days each year. This documentary reflects the diversity of activities - much of it very colourful - that takes place in Sri Lanka during this festival.

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Borobodur- A Shrine To Indonesia’s Buddhist Heritage

Vesak BorobudurIndonesia is today described as the world's largest Muslim country. Yet, it has a proud Buddhist past and Borobodur is regarded as one of the greatest Buddhist Shrine ever built. Today it is a historic monument and not a Buddhist temple. Yet, on Vesak Day every year thousands of Buddhists gather here to pay homage to the Buddha. This report was filmed on Vesak Day in 1998.

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India: Sacral Legacy

'Sacral Legacy' is an award-winning documentary on the TaboKye Buddhist Monastery in the Indian Himalayas director by Rajiv Maehrotra of Mediart, India.

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