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In The Buddha’s Footsteps

A leisurely stroll across Northern India visiting places associated with the life of the Buddha. Directed and Presented by Rajiv Mehrotra. Produced in 1996 for the Indian Tourist Board.  


Singapore : Dhamma Amidst Modernity

Singapore is one of Asia's most modern societies, yet, under the surface, it is very traditional and Asian. Today, Singapore's youth are rediscovering their cultural and religious roots, and many are flocking back to Buddhism. This programme explores why and how there is a revival of Buddhism in this predominantly ethnic Chinese society and how Buddhists are putting into practice the Buddha's teachings on compassion.

Economic Crisis and Buddhism

VenBhavanaVisutthikhun, Abbot of WatLuangPhorSodhDhammakayaram in Thailand talks to Kalinga Seneviratne about the Buddhist interpretation of Thailand's 1998 economic crisis. This interview was recorded in 2001.

The Journey Within

A film on the places of Buddhist pilgrimage in India Anchored and Directed by Rajiv Mehrotra.

Katina - Marking the End of the Rains Retreat

Katina SLThis video filmed in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Singapore features the Katina ceremony. This is the time when new robes are given to Buddhist monks by devotees at the end of the traditional rains retreat. Katina ceremonies are held across Asia in late October and early November each year.

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Recognising Arahantship

This panel discussion explores the question of under which basis an Arahantship of a person is recognized. Taking part in the discussion is Professor Oliver Abeynaike, Dr Kosala de Silva and Das Miriyagama. The moderator is Raja Kuruppu. This was originally broadcast on Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation ‘Buddhist Forum’ programme on 28.8.2012.

Duration: 29’20”

Link to podcast

Laos: Pha That Luang Festival

ThatLuanThat Luang Stupa is very sacred to the Lao people. It is believed that a breast bone of the Buddha is enshrined here. It was built over an ancient stupa in the 16th century, by King Setthathirath when he moved the capital of the Lane Xang Kingdom from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. It has since become the symbol of Laos and is revered by all Lao people. Every year around the full moon day of November a 3-day festival takes place here to pay homage to the stupa and the Buddha.

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