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Monks Showcase Chinese Buddhist Culture In Germany


A 35 member delegation from China comprising 25 Chinese Buddhist monks from the well known Da Xiang Guo Temple located in Kaifeng, Henan Province, People's Republic of China were in Berlin this month showcasing the revival of Chinese Buddhist culture.

They are currently on a tour of Germany giving high profile performances on stage to packed audiences in major cities of Germany highlighting fascinating aspects of Chinese Buddhist culture.

The Buddhist monks of the Da Xiang Guo Temple are also committed to the spread of the Buddhist faith throughout the world in the best interest of achieving global peace and harmony. 

The shows titled “DA XIANG GUO - TEMPLE OF LIGHTS” was introduced as an invitation to walk on the footsteps of Buddhism and enter one of China's oldest monasteries - the DA XIANG GUO Temple.

The concert provides exciting flashbacks into the rich history of the DA XIANG GUO Temple and gives a fascinating insight into the present and the daily life of the monks.

As the cultural website berlin-entertainment.org observed: “The entire show is full of magic scenes meant to create excitement and awe of a foreign culture, foreign religion and foreign language that you will begin to understand anyway”.

It further added that, metaphorically speaking you will experience the beginning and dissemination of the Buddhist faith, for example, by way of a drum fireworks called "Drums of China". It begins with a single soft drum and then about ten Pan-drums will begin beating spreading like wildfire to a whole drum orchestra.  

The audience got an opportunity to admire the masterful discipline, self- and body control of the monks of DA XIANG GUO, when they introduced martial arts with consummate ease and perfection and conveyed quite impressively the power that underlies these performances.

The show features a large orchestra that engages in a virtuoso interplay of modern and historical instruments and “songs that are so intense that they get under your skin and let the whole body vibrate” explained the website.

This art form – the Buddhist music of the temple of DA XIANG GUO - has been declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China.

In China the shows of this monastery are nationally known and are among the best performances of the genre. When shows are held in China all arenas and stadiums are filled to capacity with up to 10,000 visitors.

Source: Berlin Buddhist Vihara

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