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Pakistan: Sri Lankan team visits ancient Buddhist center in Taxila


 A delegation of senior Sri Lankan Buddhist monks and scholars led by the Speaker of the Parliament, Karu Jayasuriya, visited Taxila, Pakistan’s ancient Buddhist center of learning, the Taxila museum and Taxila University.

The 40-member Sri Lankan Buddhist delegation arrived in Pakistan for a week-long visit on Friday.

The visit is part of an initiative aimed at introducing the people of Sri Lanka to Pakistan’s rich Buddhist history and reviving the heritage of Pakistan’s ‘Gandhara Trail’, the cultural and commercial hub of which was located at the present day town of Taxila, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reports the Colombo Page website.

During the visit, the delegation also offered their religious rituals and prayed at the Taxila Museum. Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Dr Sarfraz Ahmed Khan was also present on this occasion. The delegation members thanked the Pakistan government for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to them.

The delegation will be visiting different sites of Buddhist spiritual & religious significance in Mardan, Takht-i-Bahi and Swat, besides visiting Lahore, Taxila and Peshawar Museums, which are home to some of the rarest historical Buddhist holy relics.

Source: PTI 

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