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Consumerism And Proselytism Threatening Buddhism In Asia

Lotus News Feature By Natcha Lim

This article is the 28th in a series of joint productions of Lotus News Features and IDN-InDepthNews, flagship of the International Press Syndicate. Click here for previous series.

BANGKOK (IDN) – Buddhist scholars attending the 1st Makhapuja International Conference on ‘The Future of Buddhism in Asia’ have warned that consumerist trends within the monastic order and aggressive proselytism by Islamic and Christian groups are a threat to the future of Buddhism in Asia.



Nalanda Grapples With Making Pali Relevant 2500 Years Later

NNM EntranceBy Kalinga Seneviratne

This article is the 27th in a series of joint productions of Lotus News Features and IDN-InDepthNews, flagship of the International Press Syndicate

NALANDA, India (IDN) – It is believed that more than 2500 years ago Gauthama Buddha chose to preach in Pali rather than Sanskrit because the latter was the language of the elite while Pali was spoken by the masses. Today nobody speaks Pali in India, but, the Buddhist scriptures that were originally written in Pali are still used to educate monks as well as in Buddhist chantings.

When the Nalanda education tradition was revived in 1951 with the Indian government setting up the Nava Nalanda Mahavihara (NNM), Pali was given the prime focus in its teachings program. But today, the university is struggling to be relevant especially after Pali was abolished three years ago as part of the curriculum for the Indian Civil Service examination.

First Asian Buddhist Media Conclave Laments Lack of A Buddhist Media

MediaParticipantsLotus News Feature By Kalinga Seneviratne

New Delhi: The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) organized the first Asian Buddhist Media Conclave on 27 and 28 August in New Delhi, which was attended by over 60 delegates from 12 countries. The conclave included keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive discussions on a range of topics under the theme of conflict avoidance and sustainable development. Diversity of opinions were expressed, and the interactive session adopted a number of resolutions.

Nalanda University seeks to rise above regional tensions

(Published by UniversityWorld News)

By Kalinga Seneviratne

NalandaRajgir, India (UWN): After years of political turmoil at India’s Nalanda University that saw the departure of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and former Singapore foreign minister George Yeo as successive chancellors, a new vice-chancellor is hoping to put the revived centuries-old institution on a surer footing as a regional institution that promotes cooperation within Asia.

India’s Attempt To Promote Buddhist Tourism May Need A Community Building Process

BudTourismLotus News Feature By Kalinga Seneviratne

New Delhi: India’s Ministry of Tourism (MOT) in association with the Delhi-based International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) organized the 6th International Buddhist Conclave from 23rd to 26th August under the theme of ‘Buddha Path – The Living Heritage’.

The 3 day conclave was inaugurated by President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, who told delegates from some 29 countries that Buddhism was the basis for an early form of globalization, when the voyages of Buddhist monks and nuns from India across Asia created both spiritual and trade links across Asia.

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