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Vietnam: Is Mass Media Brainwashing Our Youth?

by Nguyen Thu Hien

Recently a 20-year-old girl had her image and profile splashed across the country's multi-media services for two weeks, inspiring millions of young Vietnamese people to become fans and followers.


Myanmar: Is NLD walking into a trap?

Written by Thurein Hlaing Win

The Sangha community of ordained Buddhist monks have come under a series of rude assaults in the social media. Many were offensive reactions to the undue activities of nationalist monk U Wirathu.

Myanmar: The TIME Magazine, Media Ethics, and Religion

TimeMagWritten by Editorial Team

The July issue of the TIME magazine features a front page cover story under the headline 'The Face of Buddhist Terror'.

Sri Lanka: Separate Tamil Homeland - Now Vigneswaran Champions It

By Shenali D Waduge*

Now that Jusice Vigneswaran who “did not want this position” and who was “forced into this position” under “so much pressure” as the TNA’s common candidate for the post of Chief Minister we are forced to view him as joining the list of others attempting to seek the goal of separatism clearly articulated in their party Constitution and election manifestos.

Thailand: Government Misreads The Religion Factor In South

By Don Pathan

It didn't take long for the bomb to go off. Thailand's call for a ceasefire during Ramadan, it seems, has fallen on deaf ears, as insurgents in the Malay-Muslim deep South continue to carry out roadside bomb attacks unabated, with no end in sight.

Sri Lanka: Continued Cruelty Demands Ban On Cattle Slaughter

By   Sagarica Rajakarunanayake

The government is going ahead with a national scale milk industry incurring a massive investment. Its aims are to provide nutrition to the people, and eliminate the huge cost incurred by the state in importing milk powder to the country. The fillip given to dairy farmers in the way of enhanced prices for milk, and the improvement of the local strains of animals through high yielding imported breeds will bring them a better income.

Sri Lanka: Draft Guidelines For Media Ethics

By Milinda Seneviratne

These are days of ‘ethics’ or rather days where ethics are questioned and recommended. President Mahinda Rajapaksa observed that there are those who come up with guidelines for ethical behavior in professional matters and that they themselves can violate these edicts with impunity. He pointed out that politicians can and do infringe, but at the risk of punishment.

Bhutan-India Relations – Sailing in Troubled Waters


By Karma Temphel Ngyamtso

As a Bhutanese citizen, never for a moment did I imagine that the gravest threat to our foreign policy would arise from within our own borders, from the entrails of our own hitherto united and intelligent people.  Looking at how Bhutan-India relations have been politicised today, and the spate of strange and disconcerting developments unfurling in the country, I am simply stunned, lost and scandalised.

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