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Capacity Building for Community Radio


Community radio is beginning to take root across Asia, but most grassroots Buddhist communities are in a comparative disadvantaged situation as compared to other religious groups in this field.

If concerted capacity building is not undertaken within Buddhist communities in Asia, community radio itself could become a threat to survival of Buddhist communities, especially in poor rural areas.

Thus, it is important that a well structured community radio training (capacity building) program is introduced in Buddhist countries where community radio is taking shape – such as Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. There is also a need to build capacity within minority Buddhist communities in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal as well.

LCN is working with a well-known Buddhist NGO in Cambodia to set up Asia’s first Buddhist Development Communication Community Radio. Both the Cambodian government and UNESCO have expressed its support for the idea. If all goes well we plan to launch the radio in mid-2015.

It is envisaged that we use the community radio training curriculum and resource material developed for UNESCO by LCN convenor Dr Kalinga Seneviratne. 

Setting up of this website was sponsored by SJ Mets Consultants PTY Ltd of Perth, Australia in memory of J.H.A. Gunadasa & S.T. Jayasinghe, beloved fathers of Sunil and Aruni.
May they attain Nibbana